100 Plus Kids Phonics Words


100 Plus Phonics Words is an existing and fun educational tool to help your child learn the basics of reading. Using synthetic phonics training your child will learn over 100 commonly used words by kindergarten (infant school) children, it also provides extra assistants for dyslexia reading and writing difficulties.


This is an engaging and rewarding learning experience that will help your child improve their reading and spelling ability. Each word uses interactive sounds with the use of great visuals. Children listen to the sound of the letter, followed by the phonics sounds of a word. They then use these sounds to form the word being spelled.

  • Great for weekly reading both in and out of school.
  • Easy to use interface that can help your child learn a word a day.
  • Letters, Phonics Sounds and Spoken Words.
  • Over 100 interactive word exercises to teach kids Reading with synthetic phonics.
  • Fun and colorful images.
  • This app is great during self-study, but even better with the parent.


100 Plus Kids Phonic Words
100 Plus Kids Phonic Words
100 Plus Kids Phonic Words
100 Plus Kids Phonic Words

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