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English Phonics Bite

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Give your children a head start on literacy with this existing and nourishing learning application. Optimized for both phones and tablets English Phonics Bite is an educational and entertaining app for children aged 3+

These are the building blocks of learning to read. It teaches children English and identifies the relationships between letters and sounds achieved through recognition of the letters of the alphabet.

Children learn the sounds of the alphabet letters including phonics sounds by touch of the letters and matching the letters together from A to Z. This is enforced continually throughout the app and with an extra approach to writing letters of the alphabet, teaching children to become more familiar with the letters and sounds.

What English Phonics Bite offers and what your children will learn?

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Your children will learn

  • The alphabet.
  • Writing the alphabet.
  • The alphabet sounds.
  • Spelling words using sounds.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is defined as a way of teaching reading and spelling that stresses symbol-sound relationships, used especially in beginning instruction.

English Phonics Bite has enough material to cover all the basics to get your children started.

It all starts by downloading and installing English Phonics Bite.

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