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Concept Boxing

Some design concepts I was thinking about before starting the development of the game.
Game genre Sports / Boxing
Turn based Partly more so when parrying
3D or 2D Both enhanced 2D on 3D, developed with a 3D engine
Single player Yes
Multiplayer game Yes LAN and internet based
Respective view First person
Game world and landscape Some fight will be held in prison, underground, and boxing ring.
Character selection Single character and Vs characters.
Controls Jab, hook, lower jab, undercut and block.
Special moves Iron fist Ten Hit Combo (similar to Ready to Rumble)
Punching Bag Demo  

LEFT HAND Q: Light High Jab | W: High Hook | E: Low Hook | R: Low Jab | T: Uppercut 
RIGHT HAND A: Light High Jab | S: High Hook | D: Low Hook | F: Low Jab | G: Uppercut
Dodge Left: Left Arrow | Dodge Right: Right Arrow

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