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Part 1: Introduction to Drawing and Animation



How to Draw the Face

The beginning stage of drawing a head starts here, when drawing the head try to remember that the human head is more or less shaped like on egg. It is often drawn first by drawing a circle which represent the top half of the head and then by drawing an inverted cone which represent the bottom half of the face that shows the chin.

When drawing the face you should take into consideration the key point listed below:


  • The eyes are located above the centre point of the face.
  • The ears are meant to but are not always located on horizontal lines, which should be drawn out from under the eyebrows and should end underneath the nose.
  • The placement of the nose is normally located on a horizontal line that is between the eye-line and the chin-line.
  • The centre point of the pupils of the eye would normally situate the side points of the mouth.
When an artist expresses the side view of a face they often decide on the type of style they are going to use. Sometimes the characters noses are drawn close to a cartoon but can also be drawn close to the real thing. The upper lip should be curved inwards and the lower lip curves outwards from the top. The chin can be drawn with a straight line depending on the style you are drawing in, and it can also be curved.


There are many different ways to draw an eye so I’ll be brief and show you where the finer detail points are.



The Leigh of the nose will obviously differ between characters. The distance between the eyes will often very slightly. Start by drawing a pyramid that will give you the design for a nose. Add a little shading and careful edges on the base of the nose, and suggest the shape that you want.



There are many ways to draw a face each artist use different techniques to achieve this. The shape of the face should always be in proportion. Start with a simple egg shaped head, and add lines where you want the eyes, nose and mouth. Always remember when drawing a cartoon characters face to portion out the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin.


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