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Part 4: Introduction to Drawing and Animation



Male and Female Body

The male and female body is drawn from basic shapes, which are shown above. The simplest and most effective way to draw the male figure is to use the objects that are listed below.

  • The arm, forearms, legs and thighs are made from cylinder.
  • The shoulders are made from spheres.
  • The chest of a man is made from cubes or spheres for a woman.
  • The hips are made from spheres.
  • The hands and feet are made from triangles and or spheres.
    It is also a good idea to draw a line in the middle to make sure that both sides are identical.

Ruff sketch

There are many ways to draw out your figure, but the best and most recommended option would be the bubble method. Sketch in some of the ovals like the image shown on the diagram below. Try to keep it as light as possible. Make sure you get the proportions you want before you add the detail. When the ruff sketch is finished you then draw in smooth curves over the sketch.



Clean up

The best way to add the detail is to start at the top, and work your way down, but this option can very from person to person depending on where you want to start or what part of the body you want to define first, other examples are shown below.


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