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Interface and Behaviours

Final design concept before going into full game development.
Player 1 can see buttons or actions are visible 
Rounds Visible
Grabs Visible
Count Down Visible
Score Visible
Health Visible
Count Out Visible
Turn Base Action or Possible Actions
AI Attack
  • Each attack can take up to 5 HP 
  • Player 1 will know that the AI attack has been successful by a shock screen animation or the HP decreases 
Player 1 input attack
AI will either take a hit, block or counter.

Player 1 counter attack 

  • Can only block to stop an attack 
  • Can use a hug (Grab) to regain lost HP 
Player 1 lucky punches
Lucky punch is a slow motion Haymaker.


  • Health - HP is set at 100 when it reaches 0 K.O 
  • There is a limit of how many grabs you can use per round 
  • Each round last 90 Seconds 
  • Each Haymakers (lucky punch) adds a bar to your special 
  • Special attack is only available when all 3 slots are full 
LEFT HAND Q: Light High Jab | W: High Hook | E: Low Hook | R: Low Jab | T: Uppercut
RIGHT HAND A: Light High Jab | S: High Hook | D: Low Hook | F: Low Jab | G: Uppercut
Grab: Press On Screen| Special: Press On Screen
Basic interaction Demo 2


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